What Can I Expect From A JB International School?

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What Can I Expect From A JB International School?

JB International School situated in Nehru near Dehradun is among the top CBSE schools in this state. The school provides all facilities to the students and some of these includes a computerised library, swimming pool, separate study rooms for different subjects, gymnasium, music room, sports ground and an emergency medical room if of a sudden accident. The school also provides special training in first aid, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques. Classes are generally scheduled throughout the weekday hours. There is a separate school transport scheme for students.

The school has a large art faculty that caters to all the artistic needs of the children. The teachers at JB International School are dedicated to making the art students learn fast. The art curriculum consists of various forms of media such as fine arts, humanities, graphic design, photography, multimedia, film, dance and theatre. Students learn about color theory, texture and composition using various medium. The school also offers sound therapy and bodywork to all the students. Various art activities are carried out regularly to keep the students engaged.

The school has three art galleries where the students can show off their artwork and it is a great place for the artists to promote themselves. The school also has a dance department that offers dance workshops to all the students along with the usual dance classes. Besides this there is a photography department that gives the students the opportunity to take professional pictures using a variety of equipment. At the end of the year, the students get an opportunity to present their portfolio to the art faculty.

The school has also set up a film department that provides movie night, video nights and other movie related events for the students. These films are made by local artists and the students learn to animate, compose and edit on the spot. In the music department the students learn classical dance, jazz and folk music. In this category of courses the students learn how to produce music that inspires them. They also spend some time in the studios learning to sing and play musical instruments.

Business and finance are other aspects of JB International School that the students learn to deal with. The school also organizes trips to various places around the world. The trips include various business activities such as going to the US to meet the management team of a large company. This helps the students learn about different cultures and also gives them an opportunity to travel and have an adventure while studying. They are also taken to some of the most exotic locations around the world.

In the culinary faculty, the students are trained to prepare international dishes. They also learn the fine skills needed to cook delicious meals that the international guests will love. Students can expect to have a wide range of hands-on cooking classes including food preparation, dessert making and even how to decorate the dining room. Business and finance are also taught to the students here so that they learn how to handle their finances wisely in order to become financially stable and successful.

As we all know, the JB International School is one of those few international schools that offer courses in more than one language. Not only does it teach English but it also teaches students how to speak French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. These are the four most spoken languages in the world.

These are just a few highlights of what you can expect from a JB International School. We believe that if you are looking for an exciting new and innovative environment for your child to grow and learn at the same time, then enrolling at a JB International School could be the best thing for you and your student. Learn more about this exciting and innovative school today!

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