Why don't you cruise a luxurious, on Honeypot 40' ocean-going boat located in South Devon and let's demonstrate the strategies of the region that is stunning.

Who Are We?

Rich white shores valleys, rugged coves, magnificent cliffs and destinations. Relax while you cruise the unspoilt shoreline across where you capture a peek of dolphins and may be fortunate. We're pleased to occupy for your needs to 4 visitors and taylor your day.

We are able to start night constitution or your entire day in possibly Fowey or Dartmouth, Salcombe Ferrers, no matter which fits you. You are able to decide to visit with fascinating cities like Dartmouth, or peaceful town anchorages like Kingsand and lunchtime up to speed having a selection of stores and quality restaurants.

You may also return by luxurious cab providing you with the liberty to cruise that touch more from your own ultimate location! We were organized by by all. Or you might decide to stay within the luxurious en suite cabin on panel. Look under 'the vessel' proceeding at the images.

Our Adventure

The region around Plymouth has estuaries and many cities to discover, each only a brief cruise away. Whether you cruise across the Devon coastline, you will find magnificent sights of estuaries cliffs beaches as well as seals or whales if you should be fortunate.

Although high wooded valleys like Fowey and the Yealm supply peaceful and guarded havens the current weather at sea. Additionally they provide a selection of riverside cafes or fantastic restaurants to test the neighborhood cost.

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